"Soul of the Garden"

Soul of the Garden

Soul of the Garden is a special series produced by KLRU-TV Producer and Host Tom Spencer. In this series, Spencer explores spirituality from a very personal perspective. In this series Spencer introduces viewers to ideas and individuals who have helped shape his own spiritual practices. Flint Sparks and the Austin Zen Center appear alongside several other wise, local spiritual leaders, in exploring the sense of wonder and solace so many of us feel when we encounter the beauty of the natural world.

(View Part 1): "Mystery" deals with the tensions between our longing for certainty and the profound mysteries that surround us.

(View Part 2): "Paying Attention" was inspired by the Mary Oliver poem "The Summer Day," which explores what is perhaps the most important spiritual practice - bringing attention and "mindfulness" into our day-to-day experiences.

(View Part 3): "Communion" explores the shared nature of the spiritual journey.

(View Part 4): "The Path of Practice" which calls viewers to live the spiritual life they profess.

(View part 5): "Gratitude" examines gratitude as the destination of the spiritual journey.


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