Nothing is Wrong

There is actually nothing wrong. There are things that are unsatisfying and seem to be lacking. There are things that we do not prefer and that may seem broken or harsh. But "wrong" is an opinion, not Truth. In addition, nothing is hidden. Nothing is being withheld, kept as secret, or special beyond our reach. However, the peace and beauty that abides in all things can be obstructed by these opinions and perceptions. With the dualistic, opinion-based, limited perspective mind we can only find joy in those objects that are more or less in accord with our egoistic makeup — a very narrow view.  In this process we attempt to substitute pleasure for true joy and freedom.  True joy goes beyond desire and offers us fullness and abundance.

Scrubbed clean by the sawn wind, the night mist clears. Dimly seen, the blue mountains form a single line.—Dogen

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