Stillness and Movement

One of the many things I love about visiting the beach is the way in which peaceful stillness and powerful movement can come together. When we sit in the stillness and silence of meditation, we discover a vibrant aliveness. There is subtle and fluid movement in true meditation, otherwise we would become rigid and disembodied. Likewise, when we move gently in yoga, we discover the profound stillness at the center of each gesture and every posture. In both practices we become intimate with the stillness in movement and the movement in stillness.

This is precisely what I recognized in this photograph taken on Molokai last November at Popahaku beach — the power of the oceans unrelenting movement alongside the quiet stillness of the tidal pool. In the wave I feel the vital elements of power and change. In the stillness of the pool I sense the reflective quality of my mind in meditation. Which is the real ocean, the crashing wave or the quiet pool? It is all water. Which is my true mind, unceasing thoughts or quiet spaciousness? It is all Mind.