Lover of Truth

As I was thinking about what to offer in this Inquiry, I remembered these turning lines from Mark Nepo's poem Accepting This:
My efforts now turn
from trying to outrun suffering
to accepting love wherever
I can find it.

Stripped of causes and plans
and things to strive for,
I have discovered everything
I could need or ask for
is right here—
in flawed abundance.
What would it mean to make this simple turn in practice — abandoning our attempts to outpace ever-present suffering and instead, opening to the immense spiritual and emotional nourishment all around us? This was the core question for Inquiry. Going beyond ordinary thinking, relinquishing our habitual strategies for coping, and setting aside the endless striving for something that is right under our noses all along, we can be transformed into a lover of truth. In doing so our world opens, "in flawed abundance."

Inquiry recording: