The Space Between

Many of you have heard me say, over and over, that awakening does not happen "in" a person. It happens "between." If our lives are woven as a single fabric and linked as one inconceivable network of relationship, then to "attain individual enlightenment" has no meaning. However, the realization of liberating intimacy through profound meeting is the great gift of all contemplative practice and spiritual inquiry. But opening the space between us requires courage — the courage to see and to be seen. This capacity is grounded in the practice of loving presence which is the embodiment of wisdom and compassion.

Most of you also know I love photography and the way that this artistic practice of "seeing" invites intimacy with the present moment. Here is a TEDx talk by Nic Askew who embodies these same messages and engages in a profound practice using intimate video to open "the space between." He calls his work Soul Biographies. With his unwavering eye and open heart he encourages us to join in seeing each other as "naked" or authentic, and, in turn, to be seen in this same way. Here is his talk and a few of his powerful images that teach Buddhist principles without a single Buddhist term and demonstrates the essence of the practice of Inquiry with a camera. With great respect for his work and a deep appreciation for his message, please meet Nic Askew.